Why Alpaca?

“Not Your Grandparent’s Alpaca”

Long regarded as a luxurious fiber that only the wealthy could afford, alpaca has come a long way, baby! No more of those heavy, close stitched bulky sweater of 50 years ago. Exciting new designs made with natural materials and methods are taking the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z to a whole new level of purchasing power. All generations demand style, function and competitive prices so we at Alpaca Home Store are excited to offer you some of the latest alpaca products….All under one web roof.

Even though the new products are “top shelf” in design, the same wonderful qualities of alpaca fiber have and always remain the same:

Alpaca Fiber

1. Extremely fire retardant. This is extremely important no matter what the product be….Bedding, toys, home furnishings or clothing.
2. Hollow core of the fiber gives you warmth without the weight.
3. Absence of lanolin creates a natural hypoallergenic product.
4. Dust mite retardant.
5. Naturally water repellent.
6. Unique fiber memory gives bounce back after fluffing or washing.
7. Many items are hand washable. Alpaca dries quickly.
8. 22 Natural Colors
9. Unique blends of alpaca and other natural fibers give the user a wide variety of selections.

Bottom Line

Alpaca is beautifully soft, supple and the drape of fabric unsurpassed with any other fiber. Tactile responses from infants to our elderly all agree:

“It’s so soft!”

Please visit the following Wikipedia link for a wealth of information on alpaca fiber.

Thank you!