Alpaca Wreaths


These Alpaca Wreaths are the perfect décor for any room! They take a very long time to create and each one is unique. The base is cleansed alpaca fiber. The decorative flourishes are all natural to include the recycled leather belt for hanging. Due to the fragile nature of products used to enhance each wreath, we ask you to pick up at one of our stores. The wreaths are designed for indoors use. If hung outdoors, the birds and other little critters will use the alpaca fiber for their nests! Not good!

Please call or text the store for color selections: Poppy’s – 276-952-8370

Slight transgression on the Gray wreath.  It is actually made of wool!  The wool is beautiful high end Leicester Longwool. We knew the end result would be superb so we grabbed the wool at SAFF. The Leicester Longwool is listed as critically rare by the livestock conservancy 

Colors:  White, Fawn, Gray, Brown and Steel Gray.

Size:    Approx. 18”

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